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Happy Clients

Isla loves having her belly rubbed and has become a loved member of our family. She is so pretty, we get comments on her looks often.  Thank you for raising such a sweet pup. 

Natasha MacArthur

Our girl Rafa has been an amazing addition to our family. She and our older dog are inseparable.  They have their own little routines and it is very sweet to see them check in with each other when we are out and about. Rafa is very energetic and loves hiking, fetch, swimming and agility. She is also the first one to settle in for a cuddle and and is incredibly affectionate. Rafa was described a s humble, playful and smart by her doggie daycare. She is a surprisingly good guard dog, though she quiets down when asked.  We found Sarah to be communicative and we loved getting photo updates as Rafa grew. We appreciated picking her up at 10 weeks. She was almost completely potty trained and was familiar with her crate.  Thank you Fraser Canyon Springer Spaniels for our sweet girl. 

Ariel Poole

Tucker is doing so well. He especially is such a fun dog with other dogs. He is so playful and loving. We love him. Thank you Fraser Canyon Springer Spaniels for breeding such great Springers. 

Kat Breuer

Puppy on carpet


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